Why was better the sound of “Benny Goodman at Carnegie Hall live recording”

November 27. 2015

CBS broadcast had a permanent wire installed at Carnegie. Also New York Philharmonic every Sunday  was broadcasted  by CBS. CBS master control at 485 Madison Avenue.There was the custom transcription studios. The networks and stations had modest facilities for recording reference air checks for their own purposes.

The lion’s share was done by independent operations. They thrived because a lot of people needed such recordings. Ad agencies, advertisers, performers, band leaders, writers, producers and others all needed air checks.

When an air check was required, the studio would simply open the circuit to the appropriate station or network and take the feed. Technically, it was not an “air check,” since the signal was taken directly off the line wire.

This was why Goodman’s Carnegie Hall concert could be recorded so routinely. It was not broadcast, of course. But it was easy for an independent studio simply to phone CBS master control, request the circuit to Carnegie Hall to be opened, and take the feed that way.

I quoted from the article of the IAJRC Journal – Vol 39, No 3, August 2006

John McDonough writes for Down Beat and The Wall Street Journal.




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