David Stone Martin ~Best album cover designer

David was the art director of the National Defense.
1941 he was jazz for the first time involved.
At that time, he had been going out with Mary Lou Williams. She was young and had a great talent.
She grabbed the recording of chance to Ash label.
Ash label founder was Moe Asch.
Moe Asch (December 2, 1905 – October 19, 1986) was a Polish-American recording engineer and record executive. Asch Records, which then changed its name to Folkways Records when the music changed from 78 RPM recordings to LP records.
Mary Lou Williams ask to use his picture on the cover of the record.
Moe Asch liked his paintings.
Moe has asked all of the cover design to him.
Musician that his company was released.
Muggsy Spanier
Pee Wee Russell
Erroll Garner 
Lead Belly
Woody Guthrie
Cisco Houston
In addition, recording assistant of this company was Norman Grants.
When Grants launch his own label, Grants had been greeted him as art director.



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