Ol’ Blue Eyes & Lady Day

December 12. 2015


Today, A Sinatra and Holiday Party will be held.

I can not participate because I am living in Japan.

Instead, I would want to write about Harry James and  Frank Sinatra.

It is the remaining part to the impression in my favorite book.

I will quote from this book.


In 1939 Harry James orchestra failed a tour of LA.

The band went into the Sherman Hotel in Chicago.

The future wasn’t looking so bright anymore.

Also Sinatra and his wife Nancy were expecting their first baby.

At that time Tommy Dorsey appeared nearby the Palmer House.

Tommy was looking for a male singer.Tommy said “the skinny kid with James”

Sinatra thought the current situation and a more secure future .

He talked it over Harry.

Harry merely Said,”Go ahead”.And Sinatra did.




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