Body and Soul

December 13. 2015

IMG_1374 (1)IMG_1364

I belong to Osaka jazz club.Today, the meeting was held.

The theme was “My favorite tenor sax player.”
I introduced two records for comparison of Coleman Hawkins and Lester Young.I introduced the ‘Body and Soul’.

Coleman Hawkins
Tommy Lindsay, Joe Guy (tp), Earl Hardy (tb), Jackie Fields, Eustis Moore (as),
Coleman Hawkins (ts, arr), Gene Rodgers (p, arr), Oscar Smith (b), Art Herbert (d),
Thelma Carpenter (vcl), Hazel Scott (arr).                       NYC, October 11, 1939

Lester Young
Nat King Cole (p) Lester Young (ts) Red Callender (b)          LA, July 15, 1942

Sonny Rollins had the interview article that talked about this masterpiece.

It was an interesting article to me.



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