Frank Sinatra fans ‘Let’s anger in this article’

December 14. 2015
 I am writing a blog while listening to this broadcast.
 It has been reported 100 anniversary of his birth in USA.
 I am sorry I have never heard of his news in Japan.
 In addition it is the most famous weekly magazine in Japan has featured   only his scandalous surface.
週刊新潮 2015年12月17日号

FBIが暴露した「シナトラ」と「マフィア」と「ケネディ大統領」国際ジャーナリスト 山田敏弘

I am English is not good, but then translated into English.

Syuukanshincho ,2015 issue 17 ,2015 issue

FBI has been exposed as the “Sinatra” and “Mafia”, “President Kennedy”  [A writer]  International journalist Toshihiro Yamada

I think it’s inconsequential article from contributing to his music.

In USA the past music are reevaluation in these days.I am not good English , but I’m studying to be able to understand music blog.Please tell me if there is a website that would be helpful in jazz blog.


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