Tony record in Tokyo

December 15. 2015

Today, December 15, is the 70th anniversary of the premature death of the great Thomas “Fats” Waller. So I want to write about record store bought the record of Fats Waller.


I lived in Tokyo. The store name was ‘Tony ‘.The store owner was a famous jazz collector Mr.Nishijima. He was silent person in store.

At that time I was looking for the vintage series of RCA .  I found this record from the third floor of this store.
While I have chosen some record, he had hit the type.But he seems have watched the records that I choose.

When I pay the price of record Mr.Nishijima was said to himself,
“Recently people who buy such good record has been reduced” .

I do not have forgotten the moment.Unfortunately, he died five years ago.But his articles in ’Record collectors’ are great. I am always with them and reference books.




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