Live at Osaka Festival Hall

December 18. 2015


Today, I went to the nearby Osaka Festival Hall.The new hall will be to 2 years completed.I have never been to New Festival Hall.
Because I came back to Osaka recently.
Acoustics of this hall was great.

There are famou recordings.’Deep Purple’ live in Japan recorded in this hall.


Miles was recording a live [Feb. 1.1975]
Matinee ‘Agharta’
Night ‘Pangaea’
I was watching the live of ‘Pangaea’.
My seat was the third from the previous.

In my collection, there is a rare live record .This record is bootleg.While listening to this bootleg, I am reminded of the old hall.

“Eddie Condon All Stars Live at Festival Hall, Osaka Japan”: March 27,1964



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