Tragedy of Don Redman

December 17. 2015

I bought some records of Don Redman at Tony.
Particularly It was glad I bought these records.

He recorded a historic jazz as a leader of the Mckinney’s Cotton Pickers .

Also this record commentary was wonderful.
The writer was ‘Syouichi Yui’ who was leading critic in Japan.
 It is English translation of the commentary about the performance of Don Redman. But I am not good at English,Please contact me if there is a mistake.
”Nowadays his music is old feeling.
 He focused on ‘ensemble of reed’ and ‘a conflict between brass and sacks’. He was first attempted these issues in jazz history.
 He was a pioneer in jazz,and an excellent sax player.
 It is no exaggeration to say that all arranger in the same era imitated his arrangement technique.
If it is allowed to criticism, Redman was inferior to Duke Ellington.
Despite he had exceptionally aptitude,he abraded his talent for the purpose of adding polished performance such as white players.
 It must be said that he walked a regrettable way.
On the other hand Duke Ellington had been do not lose the basic attitude of the ethnic musician.
It was regrettable that his personality was lost”.


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