Kurashiki music library

December 23. 2015

[Photo by wikipedia]
When I was living in Okayama , I occasionally visited  Kurashiki .
I had heard SP records in ‘Kurashiki music library’.
I want to write about the establishment of this library.
There is the famous ‘Ohara Museum of Art’  that was built by ‘magozaburou Ohara’.
His son ”Soichiro Ohara’ was the knowledge also had deep music.
He contributed to the construction of the Music Library in Kurasiki.
1953, he was 10 million yen donation to Kurashiki City for music library construction.
Music library was established in 1969.
SP records of his collection were donated.
Also Phonograph that he was using was also donated.


[Photo by Kurashiki music library]
Even now, we are held regularly SP record concert.
In this library for me there are memories in the other. I would like to write to another opportunity.



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