White Christmas ~Irving Berlin




Today is Christmas Eve.I will introduce the Christmas songs.

However, I have cited the commentary of ‘koubun Nogawa’ .’

Commentary of jazz music'[ジャズ楽曲の解説]

This book was published in 1951.

“The song has been inserted in 1942 to make the movie ‘Holiday Inn’.

Song named after the important holiday of the United States has been inserted into this movie.Particularly this song was the most wonderful.In four months of beginning one million copies of sheet music were sold.Finally in seven years 300 million copies were sold .Sales of records shown surprising number of records that five million sheets.

And this song came to be sung every year as a Christmas song.It has sold 350,000 of music score in every year in December.American soldiers are singing this song in the Orient and Europe.
While they think dear old home,they greet the Christmas.This song is selling well in abroad than USA.”

株式会社千代田書房 「ジャズ楽曲の解説」140ページを引用しました。



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