The lucky label of Brunswick from Saito store

December 26. 2015

Since listening to the SP records in Kurashiki music library, I had began to purchase SP records .

I have purchased the Ellington of Brunswick ,But my collections of Brunswick were released from Nippon Colombia. Nippon Columbia sale was recurrence series. Saito store sale was original.

The lucky label was sold in November 1934 from Saito store. Saito store had been importing asbestos from Canada. Also Saito signed a contract with the United States Brunswick Corporation and began to sell records. 155 sheets had been released.

This was an invaluable label that the world of collectors were looking for.

Saito store was transferred rights to Japan Colombia in January 1936.

IMG_1406 (1)

IMG_1405 (2)IMG_1407 (1)



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