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Let’s talk about Woody Herman

December 21. 2015


In Japan, evaluation of Woody Herman Orchestra seem to be low.Typically,Ellington and Basie are popular with jazz fan.Woody Herman seems unpopular.”Early autumn” known in performance of Stan Getz has been popular.

I also like the Second Herd, but recently I hear First Herd hear well.They played blues until 1942.From 1943 onward they changed band color by playing bop.However, the leader did not change the style of clarinet and scat.
I love the rhythm section of this time. Dave Tough (ds) Chubby Jackson(b)

Let’s talk about Woody Herman than Ellington and Basie.

This article is interesting.



‘a music night’ in Nakamuraya(中村屋)

There is an old coffee shop called “Nakamuraya” in Hiroshima.
Atomic bomb was dropped in 1945 on Hiroshima.
Establishment of this shop was 1946.
The store owner is Akihiro Nakamura who is the second generation of this shop.
He is a senior of my university club.
He has held a concert that named ‘a music night’  on every month.
This month, it became one hundredth.
Chamber music has been primarily planning in concert.
However, every year December, ‘live jazz concert’ has been held. This month was tribute to Buddy DeFranco.
This shop does not have this shop homepage.
The distance of the walk from the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park.

I first heard real jazz in SAB Hall

December 19. 2015


[Licence by GFDL+creative commons2.5]

About 40 years ago I heard  Phil Woods in this hall.This hall was in Festival hall underground.[See yesterday’s blog]  In this hall MBS of television “Young Oh Oh” had been recorded a TV program every week.It was this TV show was a regular band of “Takashi Furuya and Four Freshmen,”

Furuya was a concert held invited Phil Woods as a guest.At first he was playing with Furuya.However,when he started to play the solo, the audience of the atmosphere had changed.Alto sounds like we’ve never heard until now had lasted longer.Furuya did not play a solo.I first heard  real jazz that night.

Phil Woods died in September.

Live at Osaka Festival Hall

December 18. 2015


Today, I went to the nearby Osaka Festival Hall.The new hall will be to 2 years completed.I have never been to New Festival Hall.
Because I came back to Osaka recently.
Acoustics of this hall was great.

There are famou recordings.’Deep Purple’ live in Japan recorded in this hall.


Miles was recording a live [Feb. 1.1975]
Matinee ‘Agharta’
Night ‘Pangaea’
I was watching the live of ‘Pangaea’.
My seat was the third from the previous.

In my collection, there is a rare live record .This record is bootleg.While listening to this bootleg, I am reminded of the old hall.

“Eddie Condon All Stars Live at Festival Hall, Osaka Japan”: March 27,1964



Tragedy of Don Redman

December 17. 2015

I bought some records of Don Redman at Tony.
Particularly It was glad I bought these records.

He recorded a historic jazz as a leader of the Mckinney’s Cotton Pickers .

Also this record commentary was wonderful.
The writer was ‘Syouichi Yui’ who was leading critic in Japan.
 It is English translation of the commentary about the performance of Don Redman. But I am not good at English,Please contact me if there is a mistake.
”Nowadays his music is old feeling.
 He focused on ‘ensemble of reed’ and ‘a conflict between brass and sacks’. He was first attempted these issues in jazz history.
 He was a pioneer in jazz,and an excellent sax player.
 It is no exaggeration to say that all arranger in the same era imitated his arrangement technique.
If it is allowed to criticism, Redman was inferior to Duke Ellington.
Despite he had exceptionally aptitude,he abraded his talent for the purpose of adding polished performance such as white players.
 It must be said that he walked a regrettable way.
On the other hand Duke Ellington had been do not lose the basic attitude of the ethnic musician.
It was regrettable that his personality was lost”.

Christmas memories of Ann Richards in Okayama

December 16. 2015

Yesterday was the birthday of Stan Kenton.
His wife was Ann Richards.
I have heard her live performance in Okayama.
There was a live performance of Ann Richards on Christmas Eve.
I saw her face before her appearance. It was a very beautiful woman. However, it was a little lonely feeling.
That night was a luxurious Christmas Eve for me with her song.
But, sadly, The next year, I heard news that she was pistol suicide.
Maybe she wanted to spend in her home on Christmas.
[Photo by digital.library.unt.edu]

Tony record in Tokyo

December 15. 2015

Today, December 15, is the 70th anniversary of the premature death of the great Thomas “Fats” Waller. So I want to write about record store bought the record of Fats Waller.


I lived in Tokyo. The store name was ‘Tony ‘.The store owner was a famous jazz collector Mr.Nishijima. He was silent person in store.

At that time I was looking for the vintage series of RCA .  I found this record from the third floor of this store.
While I have chosen some record, he had hit the type.But he seems have watched the records that I choose.

When I pay the price of record Mr.Nishijima was said to himself,
“Recently people who buy such good record has been reduced” .

I do not have forgotten the moment.Unfortunately, he died five years ago.But his articles in ’Record collectors’ are great. I am always with them and reference books.



Frank Sinatra fans ‘Let’s anger in this article’

December 14. 2015
 I am writing a blog while listening to this broadcast.
 It has been reported 100 anniversary of his birth in USA.
 I am sorry I have never heard of his news in Japan.
 In addition it is the most famous weekly magazine in Japan has featured   only his scandalous surface.
週刊新潮 2015年12月17日号

FBIが暴露した「シナトラ」と「マフィア」と「ケネディ大統領」国際ジャーナリスト 山田敏弘

I am English is not good, but then translated into English.

Syuukanshincho ,2015 issue 17 ,2015 issue

FBI has been exposed as the “Sinatra” and “Mafia”, “President Kennedy”  [A writer]  International journalist Toshihiro Yamada

I think it’s inconsequential article from contributing to his music.

In USA the past music are reevaluation in these days.I am not good English , but I’m studying to be able to understand music blog.Please tell me if there is a website that would be helpful in jazz blog.

Body and Soul

December 13. 2015

IMG_1374 (1)IMG_1364

I belong to Osaka jazz club.Today, the meeting was held.

The theme was “My favorite tenor sax player.”
I introduced two records for comparison of Coleman Hawkins and Lester Young.I introduced the ‘Body and Soul’.

Coleman Hawkins
Tommy Lindsay, Joe Guy (tp), Earl Hardy (tb), Jackie Fields, Eustis Moore (as),
Coleman Hawkins (ts, arr), Gene Rodgers (p, arr), Oscar Smith (b), Art Herbert (d),
Thelma Carpenter (vcl), Hazel Scott (arr).                       NYC, October 11, 1939

Lester Young
Nat King Cole (p) Lester Young (ts) Red Callender (b)          LA, July 15, 1942

Sonny Rollins had the interview article that talked about this masterpiece.

It was an interesting article to me.



Ol’ Blue Eyes & Lady Day

December 12. 2015


Today, A Sinatra and Holiday Party will be held.

I can not participate because I am living in Japan.

Instead, I would want to write about Harry James and  Frank Sinatra.

It is the remaining part to the impression in my favorite book.

I will quote from this book.


In 1939 Harry James orchestra failed a tour of LA.

The band went into the Sherman Hotel in Chicago.

The future wasn’t looking so bright anymore.

Also Sinatra and his wife Nancy were expecting their first baby.

At that time Tommy Dorsey appeared nearby the Palmer House.

Tommy was looking for a male singer.Tommy said “the skinny kid with James”

Sinatra thought the current situation and a more secure future .

He talked it over Harry.

Harry merely Said,”Go ahead”.And Sinatra did.