Mildred Bailey(2)

January 05.2016


Her representative work was ‘Rockin’ Chair’.
Japanese commentary was written by ‘Key Detani’ (出谷 啓)was good.

He was the senior of my university jazz club.

I will quote the description of his commentary.


“She was convinced the cause of failure was ugliness of her appearance.
Certainly her fatness was came from eating too much.
It was her miserable appearance with a short and also her personality has been a distorted violent temper.
Her husband ‘Red Norvo’ believed her genius,but they divorced from her intensity of temper.
The marriage became unhappy ending.

But the real cause of her failure was her enthusiasm of jazz and she was a real jazz singer.

Irving Townsend said as follows ’She hated ‘jazz not swing’ and ‘the masses do not understand jazz’.

There was a tragedy that she was received warmly by ‘the masses she hated’
After all ,jazz was not a popular music,It has not changed the situation today.
Despite the other singers got commercial success, she had to continue singing jazz because she did not get commercial success.”


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