Tal Farlow (樽春雄)

January 09.2016



I was learned some records of jazz guitar from “Mr. Kobayashi” in my student days.

He was writing on jazz magazine at pseudonym of “TaruHaruo(樽春雄)”

Last year, fortunately I purchased this book.It is a great book.

I was reminded “TaruHaruo(樽春雄)” after a long time.
The following sentences it was excerpted from the introduction of the Amazon.
« Un accord parfait / A life in jazz Guitar » is the first illustrated biography of the great jazz guitar player Tal Farlow, who died in 1998, wrote by Jean-Luc Katchoura with Michele Farlow, Tal’s widow. This biography includes many never published photos from the guitarist’s private collection – More than 400 illustrations including 150 photos never published. Tal Farlow, ever the reluctant star, was, nevertheless, one of the best guitarists in the history of jazz. Charlie Christian and Art Tatum were his early influences, but later meetings with Charlie Parker, Dizzy Gilespie and Bud Powell, brought him firmly into the bebop fold. There, he developed his own very personal style. Though a self-taugh guitarist, he was nonetheless an exceptional virtuoso, endowed with a great sense of harmony and an unlimited melodic imagination. These talents secured his place as one of the seminal guitarists of the 20th century. This biography also includes a CD of recorded interviews by the artist as well as tracks whim him playing at home with fellow guitarist and close friend, Jimmy Raney and bassist, Red Mitchell. On other tracks, Tal plays with friends : Gene Bertoncini and Jack Wilkins. The book: Tal Farlow – Un accord parfait, A Life in Jazz Guitar, Published by Paris Jazz Corner Edition in France – 2014 – First Print. Bilingual biography (English /French), 344 pages.”



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