Bob Eberly

January 12.2016

[Photo from Wikipedia]
Bob Eberly got his start in 1934, at the age of 18.
Then Bob Crosby was vocalist for the Dorsey Brothers Band.
But  Bob Crosby wanted to leave to form his own orchestra.
Therefore, the Dorsey Brothers appointed ‘Bob Eberly’ as a substitute vocalist.
After that, the Dorsey brother’s band was split.
Eberly was acive in the Jimmy Dorsey orchestra.
On the other hand, Tommy Dorsey hired Frank Sinatra.
Eberly and Jimmy had become very close friends.
They lived together,and Bob attended all rehearsals and broadcasts.
His distinction was deep voice and very straight delivery.
Starting in December 1940, Eberly and Helen O’Connell (who had joined the band nearly two years earlier) teamed up regularly on records.
Eberly would have a ballad chorus and then, after an instrumental interlude, O’Connell would take a hotter chorus.
I will introduce my favorite two songs.
It will attach the obituary.


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