Helen O’Connell ~ Green Eyes

January 13.2016


Helen O’Connell was one of the most admired and best remembered girl band singers of the big band era.
She joined the Dorsey band in 1939 and achieved her best selling records in the early 1940s with “Green Eyes”, “Amapola,” “Tangerine” and “Yours”. In each of these Latin-influenced numbers.
The sense of her song selection was also excellent.

I want introduce my favorite songs by this record. 

There were many of the masterpieces had been recorded in this record.

The following 12 songs have been recorded.
01 Star Eyes
02 Not Mine
03 Tangerine
04 Green Eyes
05 Yours
06 When The Sun Comes Out
07 All of Me
08 Jim
09 Amapola
10 Time Was
11 Embraceable You
12 Brazil



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