The Fabulous Dorseys

January 15.2016


[Photo from Wikipedia]

There was a movie that can be recommended for people who interested in ‘The Dorsey Brothers’. I’ve excerpted the main performer.

Tommy Dorsey as Himself (Jimmy’s Brother)
Jimmy Dorsey as Himself (Tommy’s Brother)
Janet Blair as Jane Howard
Paul Whiteman as Bandleader
William Lundigan as Bob Burton
Sara Allgood as Mrs. Dorsey
Arthur Shields as Mr. Dorsey
Dave Willock as Foggy
William Bakewell as Eddie
James Flavin as Gorman
Charlie Barnet as Bandleader
Bob Eberly as Band Vocalist
Henry Busse as Bandleader
Helen O’Connell as Band Vocalist
Mike Pingatore as Musician
Art Tatum as Himself

It was noteworthy that the piano player had appeared Art Tatum.

For a long ago ,I received this DVD from Mr.Nakamura who is a senior of my university club.

Now we can see on youtube easily.

If you have enough time,please watch this movie.




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