Creed Talyor (1)

January 18.2016


Creed Taylor(tp) courtesy

I’ll post the story of Creed Taylor this week.

I recently read his interview article, I have been interested in his great achievement.

Speaking of jazz producer ,”John Hammond,” or “Norman Granz” were famous.

However, when I became interested in jazz, Creed Taylor was allowed to hit many records.

When I read his interview, I realized that I have been heard his works for a long time.

I would like to post as a summary of ’JazzWax’.

They have been posted from May 8 2009 until 12 days.

He had belonged to the following companies.
(1)Bethlehem Records (1954-56)
(2)ABC Paramount (1956-60)
(3)Impulse Records (1960)
(4)Verve (1960-67)
(5)A&M Records (1967-69)
(6)CTI Records (1970-78)


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