Creed Taylor (2) Bethlehem Record (1954-56)

January 19.2016

Creed Taylor pioneered new ways of recording and packaging artists.
He was active in music circles as a producer.
[Recording with Chris Connor]
I have two pieces of 10 inch record of Chris  Connor. ‘BCP1001’  ‘BCP1002’
In 1954, Bethlehem record were still recording 78-rpms at a time when the 10-inch LP was coming in. He told , “There are 10-inch LPs out there and you guys have a singer who’s great named Chris Connor.”
He told the owner of Bethlehem to let me go in and produce the label’s first 10-inch LP with her.

Also he thought Ellis Larkins was fantastic.” For me, he was like Wynton Kelly, who was recording for Blue Note and Verve at the time. ” He told Chris we should do her album with the Ellis Larkins trio.

Chris Connor recorded four LPs for Bethlehem, three under Creed Taylor’s direction. The Creed Taylor albums featuring the Ellis Larkins Trio, the Vinnie Burke Quartet and the Kai Winding-J.J. Johnson Quintet.

[He made every effort to sell her records]

He had to get the record on the radio. So he went over to some broadcasting station with a dub of the session and did on-air interviews. Also when Lullaby of Birdland came out, he had a big six-foot high cutout of Chris standing in front of Birdland to promote the album.


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