Creed Taylor(3) ABC Paramount (1956-60)

January 20.2016

He  joined ABC-Paramount Records in 1956.
Then he was thinking seriously about music market.
For example,he had a daily pattern of visiting record shops,particularly the one across the street from his office,
to see what was selling and how we could take advantage of the trends.

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 [His first jazz album for ABC ]
‘Kenny Dorham and the Jazz Prophets’
They recorded the album in April 1956.
About Kenny Dorham, “He was not unlike Chet Baker. His sound and flow of ideas were similar to Chet’s.
And like Chet, Kenny was without any kind of showy pretensions or technical stunts. He was a real player. “
[His first big seller]
‘Quincy Jones’ This Is How I Feel About Jazz.’
About Quincy Jones’ and other players
“Every single musician was an amazing talent.
The album did very well. Quincy and I were already close friends when he recorded the album. We were the same age and had the same musical taste.He was a trumpet player and I was a trumpet player. We had an unspoken empathetic relationship.”
 [He organized the Creed Taylor Orchestra]
I am not well-known about this Orchestra.
If you are interested, please read ‘web’ page.
[He was a successful vocal group]

He set about developing a new type of jazz record. Instead of mimicking Blue Note or Columbia, Creed produced albums that remained true to jazz while appealing to audiences beyond the jazz elite.

He brought ‘Jackie Cain and Roy Kral’ to ABC.
Some of their albums were recorded on the West Coast.
The West Coast recordings were done in the Capitol.

‘Lambert, Hendricks & Ross’ recorded a vocal album of Count Basie tunes at August 1957.



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