The origin of the name of ‘JAZZ SPOT BOB’

January 25.2016


When I was living in Ube City, Yamaguchi Prefecture, I occasionally visited a jazz spot.

The name is ‘JAZZ SPOT BOB’.

 A long time ago, I heard the origin of the name from owner Mr.Uchida.
His most favorite musician was Sonny Rollins.
And Bob Cranshaw was bass player of his group.
Therefore,the jazz spot was named for ‘BOB’ which was opened in 1979.
A lot of famous jazz music performer had came ‘BOB’.
Also Audio system was his boast.

SP        Altec        A-7(817A)
AMP     Mcintosh  M-2125 and C29

Unfortunately,Mr.Uchida passed away January 30, 2014.

Now, ’BOB’ has been his son management.