What is Quadraphonic sound?

January 26.2016

Last week, I was reading a past article of JazzWax.

Creed Taylor said ‘I loved quadraphonic sound’.

I will post the memories about the ‘quadraphonic sound’.

When I began to listen to jazz, there was a live recording program in FM radio.

The program was named ‘4 channel golden stage’ ,sponcerd by ‘Sansui’.
If you had ‘QS4 system by Sansui’ and two rear speakers,
you could hear live concert as same atmosphere.
Unfortunately, I did not have ‘QS4 system by Sansui’.
From reading this article, I imagine that Creed Taylor had find the possibility of music to ‘quadraphonic sound’.
Sansui was bankrupt, CTI as well.

However, currently,’ surround sound is standard with home theaters.

“Quad is an early 4.0 sound mix, or early surround sound that needed special equipment, this was basically the precursor to surround sound as we know it.”