‘London’ Decca Records

I have a record that has been produced by ’QS Regular Matrix’.
This was recorded by London Decca.
 IMG_1513 (2)
I tried to examine the recording technology of this company.
In 1941 around the second World War, for the purpose of discern the sound of a submarine, to develop innovative high-quality sound recording system for the time that ‘ffrr (Full Frequency Range Recording)’.
It was developed purpose of caputuring German submarines during the Second World War.

July 1958, Decca started the launch of stereo records by 45/45 scheme became the standard.

The company was appealed the excellence of stereo recording by ffss (Full Frequency Stereophonic Sound).

Decca recorded some quadrophonic masters that were released in Sansui’s quadraphonic system called QS Regular Matrix.
IMG_1514 (2)
Actually, now I like the performer of this record.
Next time I will post about Stanley Black.



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