Jack Kapp ~ American Decca Records founder

January 30.2016

Jack Kapp (June 15, 1901 Chicago, Illinois – March 25, 1949 New York City) was a record company executive.
He worked at the father’s store after high school, and was memorized the catalog numbers of every record in the inventory.

Also he was memorized the addresses and phone numbers of his father’s best customers.

In 1922, he opened the Kapp Record Store with his younger brother, Dave Kapp.
In 1926, Kapp joined Brunswick Records and produced “race” label (Brunswick 7000 and Vocalion Records 1000 series)

In 1934, Jack Kapp founded the American Decca Records.

Bing Crosby was traded to new company Decca from Brunswick.
Jack Kapp had contributed to succeed Bing Crosby as a recording artist in the early 1930s.
Many artists joined new company, the Mills Brothers, Boswell Sisters, Earl Hines, Ted Lewis, Isham Jones and the Dorsey Brothers.



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