Night Lights(2)

February 02.2016


Yui Shoichi 

Speaking of ‘Night Lights’, there is a famous record of Gerry Mulligan.

This song is first track of the A-side.

David Brent Johnson is using this song as an ending theme of program.

A long time ago,a piece of this album was broadcasted as theme in Japanese jazz program.

The program name was ‘Aspect in Jazz’ from FM Tokyo.

It had been commented on history of jazz by ‘Yui Shoichi’ who was most famous critic in Japan.

Theme song  was ‘Prelude In E Minor’.

The piece was arranged first track of the B-side in this album.

‘Prelude In E Minor’ is so popular even now in Japan.

There is an archive of Mr.Yui in the Keio University.


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