I Can Dream, Can’t I?

February 10.2016

Yesterday’s post, Carpenters song was good for me.

I tried to look for other musicians about this tune.

I Can Dream, Can’t I?‘ was published in 1937 and Tommy Dorsey released a hit recording of it the same year.

The best-known version was recorded by ‘The Andrews Sister’ on July 15, 1949.

‘Joni James’ recorded a version for her 1959 album 100 Strings and Joni.


‘Clifford Brown’ Quartet in Paris on Oct.15,1953


Clifford Brown (tp)
Henri Renaud (p)
Pierre Michelot (b)
Benny Bennett (ds)

‘Ann Burton’ was my favorite singer.


Originally recorded in New York in 1979 with
Mike Renzi(p),Williams (b),Grady Tate(ds)



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