Their concert tour in Japan was disastrous (1)

February 11.2016


This record was recorded in 1974.

The band name was ‘The Thad Jones/Mel Lewis Orchestra.’
July 12, 1968, they arrived at the Haneda Airport.
But their performance schedule in Japan had not been determined at all.
Tour manager was ‘Keiko Jones’ who was wife of Elvin Jones.
Thad Jones and all the members had trusted her.
Luxurious members came to Japan.

Thad Jones, Jimmy Nottingham, Snooky Young, Richard Williams,Danny Moor


Bob Brookmeyer, Garnett Brown, Jimmy Knepper, Cliff Heather


Jerome Richardson, Jerry Dodgion, Eddie Daniels,Pepper Adams,Seldon Powell

[Rhythm section]
Roland Hanna(piano), Richard Davis(bass), Mel Lewis(drum


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