Their concert tour in Japan was disastrous (2)

February 12.2016


Photo above Elvin Jones and Keiko Jones  [Photo by]

 They were scheduled to be played in Tokyo,Osaka,Kyoto,and in other town.

Manager “Keiko Jones’ said: ‘Our contract had been determined 99%.

Concert location also had been decided 100%.

But Japanese promoter had canceled the contract, May 28.”



“I [sugarfootstomp] can not write about details of the discard contract.

Probably, it seems to be due to the arrest of her husband Elvin Jones.”


This visit to Japan had been financially bankrupt.

She had understood that their concert in Japan will generate big loss.

However, she wanted their concert held in Japan.

Thad Jones and all members cooperated to her reckless plan.

They could comprehend dedication to her husband.


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