Their concert tour in Japan was disastrous (3)

February 13.2016


Above photo ‘Pit inn’「新宿ピットイン」晶文社

Because of sudden visiting to Japan, their concert had not been determined at all

There was the person who helped Thad and their members.
Mr.Sakai was manager of ‘Pit inn’ in Shinjyuku.

He had no acquaintance with Thad Jones.

When Elvin Jones was arrested, he took care of Elvin.

Elvin was grateful to Sakai.

There was via the above-mentioned, he decided to help them and offered to pit as a concert hall.

He provided a venue free of charge,and gave all sales to them.

Concert schedule July 12 ,13 ,16 at ‘Pit inn’
Mr.Sakai and Jazz cafe owners were cooperated for concert in all-night.

Additional performance has been decided by their efforts.

Concert schedule July 14 ,21 at  ‘Kinokuniya Hall’ in Tokyo

Because Richard Davis returned to UA,Yoshimitu Inaba had been in charge of the bassist.


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