Their concert tour in Japan was disastrous (4)

February 14.2016


They were the professional group that all members are respected.

However, they were saddled with a huge deficit.

Members of except two leaders returned to their country on July 22.

The wife of Sadao Watanabe saw off them in Haneda airport.

She said:Thad and Mel were crying in front of all members at airport.

Who will bear the deficit of the Japan tour?

Who would payed their traveling expenses?

There was a rumor for a few months ago that Mel Lewis was collateralized by his house for the card settlement.

July 24, Thad and Mel were sued Keiko Jones in the presence of Mr. Sakai.

Then, it was not known about the result of the complaint.

My entries(1~4) were posted the following article reference “Jazz Critic No. 9, 1971”.

I posted that their precious recording was released opportunity.



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