Shotaro Moriyasu(2)

February 16.2016


When he would start to play,he did not tell the song name.

Other pianists did not try to change him.

Also all saxophonists were not in the same league as him.

So,they did not keep up with his complexity chord progression.

The performance of Moriyasu Shotaro never go down in history except “Mocambo Sessions”

There was tenor saxophonist named Akira Miyazawa.

Akira Miyazawa said:”Compared with my childish sax tenar play, Moriyasu Shotaro was terrific.
I was trembling with fear all over because his piano playing was improvisation such as out of the fire.”

Other players were continued to follow Moriyasu desperately.

This jam session was definitely the essence of modern jazz.

Creativity and improvisation were characteristic in Jazz.

50 years ago Moriyasu Shotaro had realized the most high level in modern jazz.


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