Shotaro Moriyasu(3)

February 17.2016


At that time, Sadao Watanabe was 21 years old.

He was nine years younger than Moriyasu.

Moriyasu loved Watanabe as his favorite pupil.

The idol of Watanabe was Charlie Parker.

Watanabe had been listening in desperately Bird’s solo.

Unfortunately,he was not able to scacely understand Bird’s solo.

He could not caught chord progression and harmony.

On the one hand Moriyasu had listened to the Bird’s solo from the speakers of the jazz cafe ,and wrote down all chord progression and harmony at an music sheet.

After a few days, Watanabe received musical score from Moriyasu.


Toshiko Akiyosi was talking about Moriyasu.

“We were not knowing well each other.
There was not the fact I had cried at the funeral.
I never got the musical score from Moriyasu.
Rather I was better to give the musical score to other musician.”

The author has interviewed other musicians except Akiyoshi.

At the time Akiyoshi was still immature about piano technique.
Her technique was a considerable difference than Moriyasu.
Received the news of Moriyasu suicide, she was crying was the fact.
She called him “older brother” with adoring.
She had been get musical score from Moriyasu.




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