Shotaro Moriyasu(4)

February 18.2016


Practice method of piano MoriTamotsu was interesting.

A finger tarining was stood a finger.

Both arms muscle were training by the ‘Pickles stone’.

Both arms muscle were training by iron array.

His fingers were training with a box of sand.

Because he had known significance of shoulder and arm ,and finger for pianist.

When talking about Moriyasu,his acrobatics performance was a famous topic.

He was a piano in the back ,and sat down under piano.

He stretch out his both arm, and place his fingers on the keyboard, and play.

They were all the placement of the finger reverse.

He mastered the acrobatics performance by practice.
He played always the acrobatics in his live stage.
Why he was such a thing?

For manic depression, when he came to the manic state, he showed off the acrobatics.

Also to please the customer, he played the acrobatics by himself.

His friends stopped his whimsy, but he had been continued stubbornly.

Manic depression seemed to have affected his health.


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