Shotaro Moriyasu(5)

February 19.2016


When he find a novel code,even in the middle of the night,he had played a big sound on the piano.

His concept about music was severe.

He might have high ideals, such as if he could have noble mind.

To quote the words that he was well-liked,

“In jazz, brass instrument is a man, reed instrument is woman.

The role of the rhythm section make a place for dating of men and women of love.

The rhthm section absolutely must not interfere with two people of love.”

Also he told about solo parformance to Eiji Kitamura who was japanese clarinettist.

“You must use your physical completely.

At that time you are conscious of a great ideas in your head.

When you become in poor condition,a good idea flash into your mind.

You must take care of those flash.


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