Shotaro Moriyasu(6)

February 20.2016


Bibliography:’He Played Like a Breeze Through Our Lives’:The Life of the Genius Jazz Pianist Moriyasu Shotaro
The Author:Sakae Ueda

In those days , it is said that Jazzmusician was doing drugs at a considerable frequency.

Probraly Moriyasu also might have done drugs.

In his later years Moriyasu was a complete manic-depressive illness.

September 1956 , Moriyasu played at jazz cafe “Duet” in Shibuya.

At that night he made a dive suicide in the Yamanote Line Meguro Station.

The cause of his suicide was unknown forever.

If he was alive,what happened to Japan’s jazz scene?

It does not know anyone.

However,Japanese has a duty to convey the contribution of Moriyasu Shotaro.

The whole world jazz fan appreciated his playing on ‘YouTube’.

What a wonderful world!


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