I Want to Live

February 22.2016


Susan Hayward receiving an Oscar for Best Actress in I Want to Live (1958)

I post about ‘jazz and film’, because Academy Award will announce next week.

‘I want to Live’ was a 1958 film directed by Robert Wise.

The film earned Susan Hayward a Best Actress Oscar at the 31st Academy Awards.

The film score was composed,arranged and conducted by Johnny Mandel,

the picture also featured jazz themes by Gerry Mulligan’s Combo.

I was impressed in the last scene.

Her execution was drawn as if ‘freak show’.

In addition,Johnny Mandel said JazzWax interview[October 23, 2008]:

“Susan Hayward was a huge Gerry Mulligan fan.

Robert and Susan wanted to get him in the film.

That was my first movie score.”





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