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Shotaro Moriyasu(5)

February 19.2016


When he find a novel code,even in the middle of the night,he had played a big sound on the piano.

His concept about music was severe.

He might have high ideals, such as if he could have noble mind.

To quote the words that he was well-liked,

“In jazz, brass instrument is a man, reed instrument is woman.

The role of the rhythm section make a place for dating of men and women of love.

The rhthm section absolutely must not interfere with two people of love.”

Also he told about solo parformance to Eiji Kitamura who was japanese clarinettist.

“You must use your physical completely.

At that time you are conscious of a great ideas in your head.

When you become in poor condition,a good idea flash into your mind.

You must take care of those flash.

Shotaro Moriyasu(4)

February 18.2016


Practice method of piano MoriTamotsu was interesting.

A finger tarining was stood a finger.

Both arms muscle were training by the ‘Pickles stone’.

Both arms muscle were training by iron array.

His fingers were training with a box of sand.

Because he had known significance of shoulder and arm ,and finger for pianist.

When talking about Moriyasu,his acrobatics performance was a famous topic.

He was a piano in the back ,and sat down under piano.

He stretch out his both arm, and place his fingers on the keyboard, and play.

They were all the placement of the finger reverse.

He mastered the acrobatics performance by practice.
He played always the acrobatics in his live stage.
Why he was such a thing?

For manic depression, when he came to the manic state, he showed off the acrobatics.

Also to please the customer, he played the acrobatics by himself.

His friends stopped his whimsy, but he had been continued stubbornly.

Manic depression seemed to have affected his health.

Shotaro Moriyasu(3)

February 17.2016


At that time, Sadao Watanabe was 21 years old.

He was nine years younger than Moriyasu.

Moriyasu loved Watanabe as his favorite pupil.

The idol of Watanabe was Charlie Parker.

Watanabe had been listening in desperately Bird’s solo.

Unfortunately,he was not able to scacely understand Bird’s solo.

He could not caught chord progression and harmony.

On the one hand Moriyasu had listened to the Bird’s solo from the speakers of the jazz cafe ,and wrote down all chord progression and harmony at an music sheet.

After a few days, Watanabe received musical score from Moriyasu.


Toshiko Akiyosi was talking about Moriyasu.

“We were not knowing well each other.
There was not the fact I had cried at the funeral.
I never got the musical score from Moriyasu.
Rather I was better to give the musical score to other musician.”

The author has interviewed other musicians except Akiyoshi.

At the time Akiyoshi was still immature about piano technique.
Her technique was a considerable difference than Moriyasu.
Received the news of Moriyasu suicide, she was crying was the fact.
She called him “older brother” with adoring.
She had been get musical score from Moriyasu.



Shotaro Moriyasu(2)

February 16.2016


When he would start to play,he did not tell the song name.

Other pianists did not try to change him.

Also all saxophonists were not in the same league as him.

So,they did not keep up with his complexity chord progression.

The performance of Moriyasu Shotaro never go down in history except “Mocambo Sessions”

There was tenor saxophonist named Akira Miyazawa.

Akira Miyazawa said:”Compared with my childish sax tenar play, Moriyasu Shotaro was terrific.
I was trembling with fear all over because his piano playing was improvisation such as out of the fire.”

Other players were continued to follow Moriyasu desperately.

This jam session was definitely the essence of modern jazz.

Creativity and improvisation were characteristic in Jazz.

50 years ago Moriyasu Shotaro had realized the most high level in modern jazz.

Shotaro Moriyasu(1)

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Shotaro Moriyasu had been posted on this site.

This week I would like to post about Shotaro Moriyasu.

Bibliography:’He Played Like a Breeze Through Our Lives’:The Life of the Genius Jazz Pianist Moriyasu Shotaro

The Author:Sakae Ueda(植田紗加栄)

Once upon a time, there was a jazz club called ’Mocambo’ in Yokohama Isezakicho.

July 27, 1954, Jam session of legend was held in Mocambo.
A lot of visitor have gathered and famous jazz performers were also set.

Toshiko Akiyoshi, Sadao Watanabe, Akira Miyazawa,and others.

They had been played an exciting sesssion all night long.

Hampton Hawes had also came to this session.

He was stationed in Japan in the military service at that time.
This session had become the album called “Mocambo session of legend”.

Speaking of 1954 even in USA, modern jazz had not been completed.

Swing music was mainstream in Japan.

However, ‘state-of-the-art modern jazz ‘ had been played in Mocambo.

Because there was a terrific pianist on the spot.
He was anyway pull the whole performance.

Precisely because he played in Mocambo,

“Session at the Mocambo” had become a legend.

After one year and two months “Mocambo Session”, he took his own life.

Terrific pianist had cut off his genius talent forever.

Their concert tour in Japan was disastrous (4)

February 14.2016


They were the professional group that all members are respected.

However, they were saddled with a huge deficit.

Members of except two leaders returned to their country on July 22.

The wife of Sadao Watanabe saw off them in Haneda airport.

She said:Thad and Mel were crying in front of all members at airport.

Who will bear the deficit of the Japan tour?

Who would payed their traveling expenses?

There was a rumor for a few months ago that Mel Lewis was collateralized by his house for the card settlement.

July 24, Thad and Mel were sued Keiko Jones in the presence of Mr. Sakai.

Then, it was not known about the result of the complaint.

My entries(1~4) were posted the following article reference “Jazz Critic No. 9, 1971”.

I posted that their precious recording was released opportunity.


Their concert tour in Japan was disastrous (3)

February 13.2016


Above photo ‘Pit inn’「新宿ピットイン」晶文社

Because of sudden visiting to Japan, their concert had not been determined at all

There was the person who helped Thad and their members.
Mr.Sakai was manager of ‘Pit inn’ in Shinjyuku.

He had no acquaintance with Thad Jones.

When Elvin Jones was arrested, he took care of Elvin.

Elvin was grateful to Sakai.

There was via the above-mentioned, he decided to help them and offered to pit as a concert hall.

He provided a venue free of charge,and gave all sales to them.

Concert schedule July 12 ,13 ,16 at ‘Pit inn’
Mr.Sakai and Jazz cafe owners were cooperated for concert in all-night.

Additional performance has been decided by their efforts.

Concert schedule July 14 ,21 at  ‘Kinokuniya Hall’ in Tokyo

Because Richard Davis returned to UA,Yoshimitu Inaba had been in charge of the bassist.

Their concert tour in Japan was disastrous (2)

February 12.2016


Photo above Elvin Jones and Keiko Jones  [Photo by blogs.yahoo.co.jp]

 They were scheduled to be played in Tokyo,Osaka,Kyoto,and in other town.

Manager “Keiko Jones’ said: ‘Our contract had been determined 99%.

Concert location also had been decided 100%.

But Japanese promoter had canceled the contract, May 28.”



“I [sugarfootstomp] can not write about details of the discard contract.

Probably, it seems to be due to the arrest of her husband Elvin Jones.”


This visit to Japan had been financially bankrupt.

She had understood that their concert in Japan will generate big loss.

However, she wanted their concert held in Japan.

Thad Jones and all members cooperated to her reckless plan.

They could comprehend dedication to her husband.

Their concert tour in Japan was disastrous (1)

February 11.2016


This record was recorded in 1974.

The band name was ‘The Thad Jones/Mel Lewis Orchestra.’
July 12, 1968, they arrived at the Haneda Airport.
But their performance schedule in Japan had not been determined at all.
Tour manager was ‘Keiko Jones’ who was wife of Elvin Jones.
Thad Jones and all the members had trusted her.
Luxurious members came to Japan.

Thad Jones, Jimmy Nottingham, Snooky Young, Richard Williams,Danny Moor


Bob Brookmeyer, Garnett Brown, Jimmy Knepper, Cliff Heather


Jerome Richardson, Jerry Dodgion, Eddie Daniels,Pepper Adams,Seldon Powell

[Rhythm section]
Roland Hanna(piano), Richard Davis(bass), Mel Lewis(drum

I Can Dream, Can’t I?

February 10.2016

Yesterday’s post, Carpenters song was good for me.

I tried to look for other musicians about this tune.

I Can Dream, Can’t I?‘ was published in 1937 and Tommy Dorsey released a hit recording of it the same year.

The best-known version was recorded by ‘The Andrews Sister’ on July 15, 1949.

‘Joni James’ recorded a version for her 1959 album 100 Strings and Joni.


‘Clifford Brown’ Quartet in Paris on Oct.15,1953


Clifford Brown (tp)
Henri Renaud (p)
Pierre Michelot (b)
Benny Bennett (ds)

‘Ann Burton’ was my favorite singer.


Originally recorded in New York in 1979 with
Mike Renzi(p),Williams (b),Grady Tate(ds)