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Toshiko Akiyoshi(4)

March 31,2016



When talking about Toshiko Akiyoshi, we must not forget two Japanese jazz musicians.

Shotaro Moriyasu was death at a young age,and I posted in the past about him.

please refer to my past blog.Go here

Sadao Watanabe has been active in jazz player even now.

In 1953,he was participating in Toshiko Akiyoshi’s cozy quartet.

After that ,please refer to his website.Go here

In addition,about an initial of Toshiko Akiyoshi, please refer to the JazzWax.



I found her recent activities.Go here

Toshiko Akiyoshi(3) Charlie Mariano dedicated his tune to sumo wrestler

March 30.2016

March 30, 2016


I want post in detail at a later date about his achievements.

But for me he had recording an impressive tune.

My guess is that Toshiko Akiyoshi quoted from his tone of as Japanese atmosphere when she produced ‘(孤軍)Kogun’ in her first orchestra recording.

The name of tune was ‘To Taiho’ which had been contained in ‘A Jazz Portrait of Charlie Mariano’.

This song was dedicated to ’Taiho(大鵬)’ who was the grand champion of sumo wrestling in Japan.

His intro sound had replicated the calling voice of sumo wrestling.

I want to express in Japanese.


Charlie Mariano (as); Marvin Stamm (tp); Jaki Byard (p); Richard Davis (b); Albert Heath (ds)

Recorded in New York City, July 25 & 26, 1963


A Jazz Portrait of Charlie Mariano

Toshiko Akiyoshi(2) her daughter Monday Michiru

March 29.2016


The program also introduced her daughter Michiru.

She was in charge of the narrator in special program.

She had co-star with her mother on stage in Japan.

She was born August 19, 1963 ,and her father was famous jazz saxophonist Charlie Mariano.

In 1987,she debuted as an actress in ’Hikaru Onna’(Luminous Woman).

She won Best New Actress awards from Kinema Junpo, The Japan Academy, and the Yokohama Film Festival.

Now She  has been active in NY.

Toshiko Akiyoshi(1)

March 28.2016

March 28. 2016

Last night, a special program of Toshiko Akiyoshi had been televised in Japan.

Jazz pianist, Toshiko Akiyoshi to reach the 70-year debut this year (86).

She was awarded ‘the Jazz Master’.

This title is highest award in the US jazz world.

Now also she has continued to success in NYC.

After she enterd to the U.S. at the age 26,she received the race and discrimination against women.

But she was fused elements of jazz form and Japanese style and pioneered a unique jazz.

She has continued to struggle as a pianist,as a woman, as a Japanese.

This special program offer her great hardships.

In addition she played some performance for this program.

Here is Toshiko Akiyoshi and her trio.

Henri Renault

March 27.2016

Henri Renault was a pianist and composer,arranger in France.

He was learning violin lesson from an early age,and began to play piano at 8 years old.

When he was 19 years old,he moved to Paris.

He appeared in a small club as a pianist.

Then he played with American jazz musician who visit Paris.

During 1949 and 1950 he accompanied Don Byas, James Moody and Roy Eldridge.

He was blessed with the opportunity to record with Milt Jackson, J. J. Johnson and Al Cohn.

In the late ’50s,he was active as a producer,developed an obscure musician and gave an opportunity of recording.


In addition, his early recordings have been issued.

I recommend the article of JazzWax about his early recordings.


Martial Solal

March 26.2016



Even now there is an active jazz musician who became famous by Charles Delaunay’s effort.

Martial Solal was born on August 23, 1927 in Algiers, France.

He was the son of an opera singer and piano teacher, and learned the instrument from the age of six.

After settling in Paris in 1950, he soon began working with leading musicians including Django Reinhardt .

Also he was playing with Sidny Bechet and Don Byas.

He had recording as a leader since 1953.

Charles Delaunay(2)

March 25.2016


Photo above of Charles Delaunay and Thelonious Monk

Charles Delaunay is probably the father of discographical format.

He noticed the importance of master numbers.

He was listing each artist’s work in chronological or matrix number order.

The first United States edition of Delaunay’s book was published with the help of Commodore Record Shop.

This book became my favorite discography.

I have put this discography within reach even now.


Photo above of George Avakian

George Avakian said to JazzWax about this discography:

“Charles Delaunay’s Hot Discography and Hugues Panassie’s Le Jazz Hot, a definitive guide to jazz musicians that explained why they were great.

There was a summary at the end of each chapter telling you which records to buy. Of course, the records recommended were the European releases, but the book gave me a head start.”

JazzWax:March 15, 2010

Interview: George Avakian (Part 1)