You Must Believe in Spring

March 05.2016

The song was created as “CHANSON DE MAXENCE” in the “The Young Girls of Rochefort”.

When Michel Legrand played this piece as a jazz, he named this song “You Must Believe in Spring.”

In addition, this work has become an significant piece for Phil Woods.

The following talking quoted from JazzWax.

At the time, he was a crisis in the financially.

Because he had just split up with Chan who was Charlie Parker’s ex-wife.

He had fallen in love with Jill, his current wife.

But She was ill at the time.

He had to earn good money by recording.

He was heading back into the New York club to record with Michel.

Live recording with Michel Legrand, this song was the most important.

He played this piece with all his strength.

Consequently he contracted with RCA.


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