Harry Lim(1)

March 08.2016


Above Harry Lim and Eddie Bert(tb)

Keynote records was originally promoted by Eric Bernay in 1940.Then in 1943, Harry Lim started Jazz recordings.

Since then, for a short period until 1947, Harry recorded too many historical Jazz recordings.

Such legendary recordings were made by Coleman Hawkins, Lester Young, Red Norvo, Teddy Wilson,and others.

I was interested in Harry Lim.

I summerized the following article reference” Keynote adress by Steve Wallace”.

Harry Lim was born February 23, 1919,in Indonesia Dutch territory known as Batavia.

His family had moved to Holland when he was four.

By the time he was ten, Lim had heard jazz ‘ Louis Armstrong’s West End Blues’.

In 1939 Lim visited New York.He stood out as an Asian in those days .

His English was not fluent,but he was friendly, sincere, nattily-dressed and charming man.

In early 1940, he was already active in organizing a series of private jam sessions involving many of New York’s elite jazz players.

Also perhaps for researching history of jazz, Lim visited New Orleans early in 1941 and stayed for seven months.

While there, he heard a band of white players led by named George Hartman.

He impulsively decided to arrange his first session to record this band.

Lim returned to New York with recordings of four selections by Hartman’s band.

He was introduced to Milt Gabler from Pee Wee Russell.

However, Gabler’s Commodore label was not released his recording.




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