Harry Lim(2)

March 09.2016

In 1941, he went back home to Java to finish his studies toward becoming a lawyer,and he returned to New York in 1942.

Lim worked at that time as a jazz critic, record reviewer and sometime concert promoter.

Probably he was itching to produce jazz records of his own.

But at that time, musician’s union had been on strike.

After working as a freelance record producer, Lim had a job at Keynote label from 1943.

Lim persuaded founder ‘Eric Bernay’ to produce jazz records for Keynote.


His first contribution was to issue the George Hartman’s work he’d recorded in New Orleans in 1941.

In 1943, he had recording the Lester Young Quartet featuring Johnny Guarneri on piano, Slam Stewart on bass and Sid Catlett on drums.

This recording was a significant session for Lester Young and Keynote.

Though Lester Young had recorded a lot of music as a sideman since 1936 with Count Basie, Billie Holiday and others,
this recording was his first session as a leader at age of 34.



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