Harry Lim(3)

March 10.2016

He focused on top swing all-stars.

The musical quality of Keynote was very high.

Unfortunately, in 1946, he was replaced by John Hammond, and Keynote soon declined and became defunct.

After dismissed from Keynote,he was hired a few record company.

I am going to omit the rest story of Keynote from my post.

In 1972,when he formed the Famous Door label, he produced excellent mainstream jazz records,as sessions by Bill Watrous, Red Norvo, Zoot Sims and others.


The following talking quoted from JazzWax.


I found a very interesting talk about his work in the record store from 1956-73.

He ended up working at Sam Goody’s New York record store that stood on 44th and Third Ave .

Mark Myers had been worked while high scool at Sam Goody for three months.

Mark clerked in the jazz department with a mild-mannered retiree named Harry Lim.

Harry’s job was to show Mark the ropes, and he gave Mark some jazz education that summer.

Harry knew every jazz LP in the store,and many of the guys on those albums stopped by to chat with him.



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