Kiyoshi Koyama

March 11.2016

Kiyoshi Koyama served editor-in-chief in ‘Swing Journal’ for 17 years.

In 1978 President Jimmy Carter invited him White House for jazz festival.

He explored for unreleased masters tape in US record company in 1980.

He reissued ‘Complete Keynote Collection’.

He found newly discovered 115 takes,which were previously unissued.

In addition he reissued  ‘The Complete EmArcy Recording of Clifford Brown’.


Consequently,he was nominated three times for Grammy Award.

Also he has attended international JAZZ critic vote of Down Beat magazine as jazz critic representative of Japan.

He was appointed to the permanent selection committee,’Ertegun Hall of Fame’ at Lincoln Center in NYC.


Photo by 大阪を歩こう

The following,I want to write his inside story.

I heard his hardships from my senior.

“He had been a part-time job at the jazz cafe near Namba Station in Osaka.

The jazz cafe name was ‘BAMBI’,and he had held jazz record concert with his commentary.

After he graduated from university, left for Tokyo in 1961.

He had an ambition to be a jazz journalist.

He was sitting in the hallway of the music publisher every day.

He appealed to an editorial staff member to want to write about jazz.

By his enthusiasm, he got a work as jazz journalist.”


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