Masaaki Awamura (1)粟村政昭

March 12.2016

March 12, 2016

Photo from “Swing Journal” in Japan.

In 1933 he was born in Osaka,and graduated from the Kyoto University School of Medicine.


He was a member of the Modern Jazz Institute of Kyoto University.

From the early 1960s to 1981, he continued the critic activities around the magazine “Swing Journal” .

Sadly,He died about three years ago.

But although after his death, his article and commentary of album are popular in Japanese jazz record collectors.

Maybe,he looked over jazz historical point, and evaluated frankly musicians performance.


About Keynote records,he was edited about 35 years ago than Mr. Koyama.

He reissued 15 sheets from Keynote master tapes, and I purchased all 15 sheets.

Illustrated by Munehiro Uchimichi,Cover designed by Heyq


Significant recording had been released in this series, ‘Press on Keynote’ .

About this record, please refer to my post ‘Harry Lim (2)’.Go here

I had been became fond of so called ‘neutral jazz’ from listenning Keynote recording.



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