Masaaki Awamura (2)粟村政昭

March 13, 2016


My mother’s parents had managed a wholesaling medicine in Osaka.

They had deal with Awamura clinic at Asashiobashi in Osaka.

My mother’s young brother was the sales staff of his clinic.

Some years ago, I asked to my uncle about Doctor Awamura.

My uncle said:”he was in quiet doctor,and he always read a foreign book.”

Awamura clinic was closed ,then my uncle had not met with the doctor.

When I was high school, I have heard his voice from late-night jazz program in FM Osaka.

I rememberd Mr.Awamura’s voice was small, but I can not remember the content of the program.

Because I was a jazz beginner, I could not understand content of the program.



His record commentary statement has been supported from the avid jazz fan even now.

He had a strict opinion on jazz record of Japan.

Below, please enjoy the ’Awamura tune’ [粟村節].
“I can not praise the value of this work,because I do not interest the work of jazzman of Japan.

If we discusse a Jazz on a global level,I admire only Toshiko Akiyoshi.

From a long time ago and even now,’she is a woman with guts ‘.”

“Even at the point in time in 1972,the author is stubborn jazz fan.

Accordingly,I can not evaluate jazz record of Japan.

I listened Joe Bushukin and Buck Clayton for the first time in a long time.

I increasingly the decision to stick to hold my opinions.”




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