Carmen McRae(1)

March 14.2016

Today,I had listened to my favorite broadcast.

Then,I decided today’s theme, I focus on the cover .

She was a pianist at the time debut.

I introduce her rare recording in Japanese live house.

This album made a recording by Japan Victor record.

She had been hired an exclusive pianist at her live performance.

Japanese producer had been planning her album.

Unfortunatly, when he heard her Japan tour, he did not evaluate her pianist.

Consequently,he planed exceptional recording without exclusive pianist.

But against his planning , she refused to contract the recording.

Her manager also said: “She can not have to accept such a planning.

By some chance,there is a need for enough practice time to her.

Her work should be recorded in a studio than live performance.”

He claimed the enthusiasm of her devotee in Japan.

Fortunatly she became interested in the planning by Japanese enthusiasm.

She had accepted her performance style that had not been more than 30 years in Japan.



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