Midge Williams(1) First recording in Japan

March 17.2016

Unfortunately her activity period was shorter.

However, Japanese jazz fan will not forget her.

She was recording debut in 1934 in Japan. It was two years ago to record in  United States.

Midge Williams and three of her brothers formed a singing and dancing group.

The group was called the Williams Quartette.

After their performance in Shanghai in 1933,they stayed about six months in Japan.

They gave a performance at Imperial Hotel and Florida Dance Hall in Tokyo.

February 1934 before returning,Midge Williams recorded five songs Nippon Columbia.

Before her recording in Japan,November 1933 Billie Holiday first recorded with Benny Goodman Orchestra.

At that time the records of Ella Fitzgerald and Billie Holiday did not released.

Five songs are the following.[1934.2.14〜26]

‘St.Louis Blues’,’ Bye-Bye-Blues’,’ Paradise’,’ Dinah’,’ Lazybones’ 

She sang jazz songs in both English and Japanese.

The first half of the song was Japanese lyrics , and the second half was original English lyrics.

Kobun Nogawa advised Nippon Colombia and cooperated to her recording,and translated Diana in Japanese.

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  1. Alice Bauer

    Dear Friend – a jazz fan like me – you seem to understand a lot about my favorite singer Midge Williams. Is there any way for me to get the Japanese lyrics of these jazz songs Williams recorded for Columbia Nippon? I would be very happy if I could sing them in Prague, Czech Republic, alonside the English lyrics I know well. I used to study Japanese a little bit but there are things in the lyrics which I do not understand. I am a professional jazz singer, member of Skety, a jazz a cappella in Prague, and have a solo career as well. I studied also with Pavel Klikar, the founder of the Original Prague Syncopated Orchestra which specialized in jazz and dance music of the 1920’s and 1930’s. Here are websites with my music on them: http://www.skety.cz, http://www.alicebauer.cz, http://www.hotsisters-music.com Domo arigato gozaimasu – for any help with the lyrics! Sincerely, Alice Bauer

    いいね: 1人




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