Midge Williams(2)

March 18.2016



In August 1934, the Williams Quartette returned to California.

But Midge’s brother Charles died by a gun accident.

By the summer of 1936, Williams moved to New York, and performed on Rudy Vallee’s radio show.

In 1937 she organized her band, Midge Williams and Her Jazz Jesters.


I took notice of her accompanists.

Members of the Jazz Jesters included John Kirby, Frankie Newton, Buster Bailey, and Charlie Shavers.

Member of John Kirby sextet accompanied her.

In 1938 she joined the Louis Armstrong orchestra, and toured with him across the country.

Regrettably she did not make recordings with Armstrong.

In 1941 she left the Louis Armstrong orchestra.

On January 9, 1952 she died from tuberculosis, at the age of 36.




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