Teddy Weatherford(1) In Shanghai

March 19.2016


Inside of the Canidrome 1930s with Buck Clayton performing

I want to post an unforgettable pianist in Shanghai jazz scene in those days.

Teddy Weatherford was born Pocahontas,on 11 October 1903.

From 1915 through 1920 he lived in New Orleans, Louisiana, where he learned to play jazz piano.

He moved to Chicago, where he worked with Louis Armstrong and Johnny Dodds.

At that time Earl Hines was impressed in his stride piano.

In 1926 he toured Shanghai as the pianist in Jack Carter’s Orchestra.

Eight years later, Buck Clayton hired him to play at the Canidrome ballroom in Shanghai.

Buck Clayton was a leader of the “Harlem Gentlemen” in Shanghai.

A 1935 guidebook in Shanghai listed Buck Clayton and Teddy Weatherford as the main jazz attraction at the Canidrome.

In 1935 Buck Clayton and other members left Shanghai and returned home via Japan.

However, he only lived in Shanghai.


Buck Clayton and his Harlem gentlemen posing in the Canidrome 1930sHugues Panassié

Two years later Hugues Panassie  who was a famous jazz critic in France invited him to Paris.

He played in the Paris World Exposition.

He recorded seven songs in the Swing label.

After he returned to Shanghai,he made a voyage to Culcutta for the Second Sino-Japanese War.




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