Hugues Panassié(1)

March 21.2016


Last week I posted about Teddy Weatherford.

This week, I want to post about Hugues Panassié who invited him to France.

The Hot Club de France is a French organization of jazz fans.

Member dedicated to the promotion of “traditional” jazz, swing, and blues.

In 1931 the club was founded in Paris by Hugues Panassié and Charles Delaunay and others.

At the time they began promoting concerts for ‘the Quintette du Hot Club de France’.

Unfortunately Hugues Panassié and Charles Delaunay had a different opinion about ‘Bebop’ revolution in jazz.

Charles Delaunay believed the new be-bop style,and Hugues Panassié contended that be-bop was not jazz.

In 1947 the club was split into two camps.

But both men accomplished a great amount of work before spliting in their club.



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